The Zenify Me Story – From the Beginning…

March 15, 2016

You could say Zenify Me started from the bottom. Said goodbye to my job, had no dependence on a stable income, truly raw to society.

Since then, I was stuck in a rut of trying to get out of the rat race of job hopping. Where my co-workers were like family and I was getting too comfortable for just being satisfactory. I felt like I wasn’t growing, like I had to keep working in order live life and support my family.

The day I was jobless, my partner picked me up and took me to our local favourite fish and chips shop, he knew how to cheer me up. Like we do best we started talking about business. Probably not the lightest of topics but my partner knew the only way to show my strength was to GET SHIT DONE. Both our minds keep a ticking time bomb of how the rate of business and marketing constantly changes… like a fresh pair of underwear!

I had always seen an issue in customer service that frustrated me. I guess working in customer service for over 6 years, I learnt what works and what doesn’t. Continuously hiring staff frequently and educating them in excelling in service has always been my expertise and I’ve always been passionate about providing the best customer service possible.

This is when my mind started to tick.

Realising that almost every business has a website of some sort, and many spend lots of time (and money) marketing their website. However, very few businesses spend time, effort and resources on better engaging potential customers once they enter their own website.  Collecting my data to prove my point, it is prevalent that over 60% customers will view a website for 30 seconds or fewer and the 40% would be 30 seconds or more. In my experience, 30 seconds is ample time to at least acknowledge the customer visiting.

In 15 minutes, we scratched up a plan on the paper bag of our fish and chips order. We instantly started brainstorming things like productising a service and coming up with business names.

Live Chat Lead Generation Services

The ultimate treasure map…

I always knew one day I would start up an MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) service around the areas Customer Service and HR because that’s what I’m most passionate about.

Nothing should ever be too difficult if you cared about the end result and knew that your efforts are worth battling for. Creating systems that could ultimately teach someone how to do something without you or me being there is what gets me waking up every single freaking day.

As weird as that sounds, but when it’s systematised, it’s sexy.

This was when Zenify Me was born.

Within that day we raced back home from the fish and chips store, I set up my own little office, referred to as my nook haven.

Small Chair Live Chat Sales Lead Generation

If you know me well, I love open spaces and less structured offices. More room for creativity!


I signed up to 7 Day Start Up challenge with only two of the seven days remaining to get something pitch ready.  While having the workshops in the background as we did all the grunt work, I realised we had 48 hours until the final pitches of 7 Day Start Ups!

Less talk more action it was within those 2 days. We created the raw basics and did the pretty shit later. Thankfully with the help of my partner James, a website was effortless (well almost) to set up.

Now all I had to do was set myself up with a CRM, creating a basic operating structure, general business set ups to be legal and the one most important thing, download the software that would be the engine of Zenify Me, Live Chat.

 I was excited but at the same time, I was nervous. It was all up to me. Learning codes, signing up to ABN, accounts, software, learning the systems I was using in less than 48 hours, my brain was absolutely scrambled.

 With endless sleepless nights over that weekend, WE WERE LIVE.

 I stared at the website for a good 1 hour, I cried.  This was really happening.

 Monday had arrived and the pitches were about to begin, it was a stressful day as I still had to go back to my former job to officially resign. I was going to miss out on pitching on the 7 day start up.

 Thankfully my partner was available, and he pitched it to the 7 Day Start up audience and its head honcho, Dan Norris, while I was handing in my resignation letter!

 I came back home that with a shining grin on James’ face. People love the idea, loving the name, provided some fantastic feedback and even some live chats on our own website!

 Since that day, I was available 24/7. It was pretty much perfect timing for me to get Zenify Me under way, reading into Dan’s content machine, socialising with people on 7 Day Start up to help in there ventures, involving myself in the community and creating partnerships to help me grow in the future. I was living my absolute dream!

3-4 days passed, we had traction on our website but, however, no customers, I was starting to get nervous as I felt that customers did not feel the need for my services… It was time to get real feedback.

I decided to partner up with Web3 as a first client to test out my strategy. I did a casual cleaning job over the weekends and in return had asked for them to trial out Zenify Me for there website…

A few days later the cleaning job had become my first paid client! CELEBRATION TIME COME ON!

With a turnover of 48 hours to start my business, and later that week my first paid client, I knew that this was right. A beginning of something good was about to happen.

I started devoting my time to help fellow friends out with there own start-ups, providing feedback and content suggestions to established businesses and offered my time and live chat services to all of them for the week… recommendations then later kept rolling in the door!

Time started becoming precious. The harder I worked the more people would be interested, but the rate of paid customers versus interested but not qualified to have the live chat was becoming a real problem. I was losing money fast and giving out my time too much for no real value in return.

That’s when my white labelling service became alive…

I decided to ask James for his best clients who would benefit from my service and in return I would host there website for free if they provided a recommendation to there loyal customers.

Partnerships were built and my clients grew to trust in my expertise. It was so strong that my service was re-selling through my clients like for like websites. Not only was it good for me, but also another outlet for there own income stream. My services would then pay itself off through our partnership. It became a known interest for a live chat to be the next qualifying factor as a ‘must have’ for websites.

A client of mine mentioned to me “A website is like walking into an empty room alone, reading the walls full of information. But then you realise someone is there with you, keeping your company and providing you with the info you want at the right time and place”.

Slowly our client base was growing, but not enough for me to make a living, I wished time was my friend at that time, but unfortunately not.

3 weeks since we launched, 5 clients and meetings to get more on board. I had a message from Dan that day, asking me how I was going. Gobsmacked he even remembered me! I updated him on our progress that slowly but surely we’re getting organic searches from recommended clients and Facebook.

As business started rolling, I realised the more to come on board, I needed a team to help me manage! But I didn’t have the money or resources to get it going. Strapped for cash I felt stuck. Again.

Hustling that week, I managed to get another 5 to trial my services for 3 days, which lead to 5 paid clients and 5 potentially paying clients. Once I hit the 10 mark that was when I could start to pay myself at minimal wage and hopefully get someone on board within the next 10 more customers.

I was struggling to meet the 10 mark, with 20 feeling so far away to have someone on board.

Little did I realise that week I was in the running to be one of the top finalists for 7 day Start Up!

Super nervous, super excited at the same time! The experience in the group was nothing but pure passion from everyone. Everyone contributed, with the tenacity of caring for each other’s growth.

There was no time where I felt it was a competition but simply a boost to keep doing what I am doing and to share others my difficulties and any advice that could help them out of their rut.

After a meeting with one of our clients, I came home to some amazing news a huge smile on James’ face. Zenify Me had won the 7 Day Start Up Challenge!

Till this day, butterflies run through my stomach of excitement. Yes… I cried. Again. But this time, relieved that my hard work had been recognised and that the business was valued and respected.

HOLY MOLY were those 2-3 days the busiest days of traffic on Zenify Me since winning the 7 day start up! A whopping 2000 + visitors over the space of 2-3 days!

Enquiries rolling through live chat! I was at one stage online for a whole 24 hours! To be honest, I had devices strapped to me at all times. I landed 5 paying clients the day it was announced, and another 10 interested and wanting to catch up for a chat.

Demand was at peak and my fingers were in a rat race! I swear I would’ve had arthritis by the end of it, my hands were in that much pain! The prize had included exclusive access to the 7 Day Start Up Pro, $500 and the most amazing books I have ever read, I now refer to as my bibles (look out for the 7 day reviews of each book!)

Truly an absolute blessing, I was able to gain SO MUCH attraction to my website and had a new challenge to complete: Hire my First Zenifyer in less than 48 hours!

48 hours had become the new hustle for Zenify Me. Where the thinking caps were on and nothing was out there to distract us. Before the 48 hours had ended, I had 20 interviews in one day, successfully trialling 1 special person by the end of 48 hours.  With the $500 I was able to pay my first Customer Service Superstar guaranteed! Luckily enough, I ended up having enough clients to pay myself at the minimum as well as my AMAZING Full time Staff Member, Catherine.

Since the BIG BOOM, we have been refining our processes, fine tuning training for Catherine and stepping myself out of the shoes of a Customer Service Specialist and into the shoes of Sales, Marketing and Analysing the growth of my clients Leads. Each day growing and growing bigger as a community.

The future of Zenify Me is highly promising. Honestly without the 7 Day Start Up, I would not be bringing in the revenue, knowledge or expertise that I have today.

The goal of Zenify Me is to create a legacy for those less fortunate and to educate them into becoming successful not in just business, but in everyday life. As our Team is based in all different areas of the world, I hope to one day unite us together to create a better living for those less fortunate, whether that be in education or resources. I also hope to one day unite our team where our staff can enjoy a retreat in workshops that our clients will be invited to guest speak and give there own experience and knowledge to our own staff and community.

The best thing’s life and success come to those who work for it. Despite the circumstances and for what I’ve been through, it has been an ultimate blessing in disguise. Through the failures and through the worst thing’s life, for me, there is no other way than up from here.

Now that I’ve shared my experience, what’s your start up story?

Share it with me in the comments below or let’s chat!

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  • Reply Dan Norris March 17, 2016 at 9:05 pm

    Wow! So cool to read this. I can’t wait to see where the experience takes you 🙂

    • Reply Rhea March 23, 2016 at 12:15 pm

      Thanks Dan!

      Pretty excited to get the ball rolling!

  • Reply Paul Brice March 18, 2016 at 7:12 am

    Hi Rhea,

    What an amazing journey you have had and you are so badass for quiting your job without an alternative income locked in place so I bet your early success is all the more rewarding for you. I am going a road more travelled which is to sell my existing small business, built by me and my business partner Google before launching my start-up which will be a MRR as well.

    I need to take a lesson from you and Dan as well though, which is to get more shit done.

    You are an inspiration and congratulations.

    • Reply Rhea March 23, 2016 at 12:18 pm

      Thank you for following my journey Paul! The rewards have been paid off now that I can commit to something that I love doing everyday.

      That’s a pretty brave move! I commend you for starting fresh, would love to know your upcoming website so I can follow your movement 🙂

      Truly am honoured for your wonderful comment, made my day!

      If it wasn’t for 7 Day Startup, honestly I wouldn’t be here.

  • Reply Kim McFayden March 21, 2016 at 11:05 am

    Fantastic story Rhea – congrats 🙂

    • Reply Rhea March 23, 2016 at 12:19 pm

      Thank you Kim! Truly means a lot that you read our journey 🙂

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